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Welcome to the Exceptional Kangaroo Island travel trade page, which contains resources for trade partners: brochures, a more extensive image gallery, destination information, access to rates and more.

With 90% of our bookings coming through the travel distribution network, we have a deep understanding and connection to destination management companies, travel wholesalers and retail travel agencies in Australia and worldwide. If you need clarification on any of the content or need more details, please contact us.

Trade Updates

Below you will find our recent trade updates, used to brief the trade on any changes relating to Exceptional Kangaroo Island from a trade perspective.

While the included SOL 'Signature Experiences' will suit many clients, private touring from Exceptional Kangaroo Island offers clients exclusivity, flexibility and efficiency.
We have prepared a comprehensive update for our trade partners including touring updates, flight schedules, accommodation updates and more.
The world is back travelling! Get an in-depth update on all things Kangaroo Island, including bushfire recovery, new products, air access, accommodation and more.


In addition to the images on our website here, we have a standalone image gallery featuring a large selection of images, organised into categories such as wildlife, landscapes and hospitality, as well as tour-specific imagery.

Feel free to use these on social media, your website and other digital and print assets.


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Itinerary PDFs

In addition to the itineraries available on our tours page, we have a range of PDF itineraries that you can download and share with clients to assist in planning their dream holiday.

Useful Destination Information

Kangaroo Island Size (with Comparisons)

Kangaroo Island is Australia’s third-largest island, behind Tasmania (68,400km²) and the Northern Territory’s Melville Island (5,800km²). Click the maps below to expand.

Weather and Climate

Kangaroo Island has a Mediterranean climate: typically warm to hot, dry summers (December-February) with very low humidity; and cool, mild winters (June-August), making it an enjoyable visit year-round. In fact, for those seeking wildlife experiences, the cooler months between May and September are the best time for viewing wildlife in the wild on Kangaroo Island!

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