Good Food

Our promise is 'good food, good wine and wildlife in the wild'. Find out how and where we source the fantastic local produce you'll taste on our tours.

We take pride in the consistency, freshness and presentation of our meals which are prepared in a way you can easily replicate at home. Not fussy, just simple fresh food well presented and enjoyed outdoors which makes it taste even better.

We started with a desire to provide immersive wildlife experiences interpreting behaviour, ecology and life history. This is best done working with small groups and the business implications went something like this: if you cater for small numbers and want to survive you must charge a premium. If you charge people a premium you better look after them very well so they get value for money!

Luckily in the years we have been in business, our creative farming community has diversified their offer to the point now we can source many of our ingredients from our friends and neighbours. These include: honey; locally caught fish; potatoes; olives and olive oil; a range of wine; bread from a local baker; free-range eggs and the options continue to evolve. We relish (yes, pun intended) in showcasing our wildlife and fabulous food as they complement each other very well.

Wines are chosen to match our food and style – small producers who focus on quality not quantity but large enough to export so you can enjoy some at home. Wines include Lake Breeze from Langhorne Creek, and local wines False Cape, and Islander Estate Vineyard.

If you have special food requirements (allergies, cultural code or other preferences) please provide exact details when booking. For example if you are “vegetarian” we need to know what that means – if we know what you can or cannot eat we can best meet your needs.


Did you enjoy the food we served on your tour of Kangaroo Island?

We’ve compiled some of our favourite recipes so you can continue to reminisce on your Kangaroo Island holiday from home.


We take pride in our use of fresh, local produce. Where possible we try to use Kangaroo Island sourced produce however we do have some produce sourced from elsewhere in South Australia.

These producers include:


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