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Although the term is over-used in travel marketing, Kangaroo Island is truly a unique destination. Why do we claim this? The current status of our wildlife has 54 endemic plants – that is, found here and nowhere else on earth. Of our birds, 17 of them are a Kangaroo Island sub-species. We have a small endemic mammal, the sooty dunnart, which lives only on Kangaroo Island.

There are Kangaroo Island sub-species for our Kangaroo Island kangaroo, brush-tailed possum, short-beaked echidna, tammar wallaby, and Rosenberg’s goanna. There are many insects which are as-yet undescribed, and some of these are likely to be endemic.

Our marine life is equally unique – we have the only north-facing coastline at this latitude anywhere on earth. We think we are pretty solid in claiming that our Island home is unique and we look forward to sharing to with you.

At Exceptional Kangaroo Island, we showcase many experiences available on the island, and this blog aims to keep you updated with all of our news, events and opportunities.

Guide Tim Williams Celebrates 30 years with EKI

This week marked an amazing occasion for the team at Exceptional Kangaroo Island. It was the 30th anniversary of our extraordinary guide, Tim Williams, who has hosted many thousands of very happy guests who travelled to Kangaroo Island from all around the globe.

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Why work with Exceptional Kangaroo Island?

Since our operations began in 1986, we have had a strong relationship with the travel trade. For that reason, we are extremely customer-focussed when it comes to working with travel advisors as well as our direct guests.

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Bushfire Recovery Wildlife Journey

Following the bushfires on Kangaroo Island being declared safe, our attention turns to recovery. It has been well-documented by media across the world: Kangaroo Island was devastated by a number of bushfires which burned approximately 50% of the island.

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Craig Wickham - Exceptional Kangaroo Island tour guide

The Trials, Tribulations And Rewards Of Being A Wildlife Guide

As a wildlife guide I find myself dealing with travellers with increasingly high expectations in terms of wildlife encounters. These expectations are created by a myriad of sources: extraordinary “National Geographic” style magazine images; wildlife documentaries shot in high definition; or movies made with animatronics.

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Dolphins with Kangaroo Island Marine Tours - Kangaroo Island

New Private Three-Day Thematic Itineraries

After months of planning, we are excited to be able to introduce our new series of eight private 3-day experiences. These 3-day, 2-night itineraries combine the activities of our standard tour departures with activities designed to cater for guests with specific interests.

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