Definitely the highlight and best two days of our trip. From the outdoor teatime along the river to the unbelievable grilled fish, grilled cheese (yes, grilled cheese) fresh salad and wine, to the remarkable guide, the first day was truly exceptional. The things that we got to see up close and personal were sensational

Food Safari Tour

A selection of encounters which a private tour can include - visiting the pure source of Kangaroo Island’s extraordinary food.

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Discover the diversity of the produce, the passion of the producers, and experience the “paddock to plate” phenomenon. A full day can incorporate seafood, artisan cheeses, small- batch gin, honey, free-range eggs, marron, native spices, yoghurt and excellent wine - or mix it up with some landscape and wildlife.


Kangaroo Island Olive Oil

Sue and Dan Pattingale have established Kangaroo Island as an excellent source of olive oil. The herbaceous and peppery wild oil is harvested from ancient, gnarled trees from across the Island. In contrast the plantation grown oil is smooth and mild. Try each of these in a tailgate tasting overlooking the groves.





Kangaroo Island was declared a bee sanctuary to protect the only remaining population of Ligurian bees introduced from Italy in 1886. This traditional cottage industry is emerging as an important part of the Island food scene. Beekeepers have a nomadic programme where the hives are moved in response to flowering patterns and nectar flow. Taste a range of honeys and track down the source of the delicate flavours. There is a choice of two venues - a traditional farm gate being Cliffords Honey Farm, or a more contemporary and corporate facility - Island Beehive



Marron, wine and native spices


Have you ever been to a farm where the stock lay hundreds of eggs, have big claws and live under water? Two Wheeler Creek is an extraordinary farm which produces wine, sheep for wool, native spices (lemon myrtle and native pepper) and marron which is an Australian freshwater crayfish. Here we can learn about the breeding ponds, grow-out dams, harvesting and grading the marron and then get to sample them in the restaurant right on the farm, accompanied by Two Wheeler Creek wines and sauces featuring native spices grown on site.


Small batch gin and liqueuers

Kangaroo Island Spirits - one of the venues perfect for honeymooners on a private tour with Exceptional Kangaroo Island

This property is classic Kangaroo Island - small scale, immersive, fragrant, rustic yet strangely quite sophisticated despite the rusted corrugated iron exterior. The place defines "hand-made" and the flavours blend beautifully. Drop in for a G&T, learn about the mix of tradition and innovation where juniper meets Olearia. The distillery also happens to make the best coffee on Kangaroo Island and the addition of some of their in-house liqueuers makes a fabulous affogato! A visit to Kangaroo Island Spirits will stay with you long after the last bottle carefully carried home is empty.


The Islander Estate Vineyard

wine barrels

This vineyard is located on the gentle slopes of Kohinoor Hills. The idea of making wine on Kangaroo Island occurred to Jacques Lurton in 1997, when he visited on his honeymoon with his wife Francoise. They fell in love with its natural beauty, saw few planted vines but recognised its considerable potential. The Island offers near perfect growing conditions with a cool, semi dry climate that allows slow ripening which produces exceptional quality wine. Islander Estate Vineyard is open by appointment only and we have great access - these are the people who have made our "only with Exceptional Kangaroo Island" Reserve Cabernet Franc/Malbec blend.